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Huaya Dongying Plastic Co., Ltd. - Profile

  Huaya Dongying Plastic Co., Ltd. is a large joint venture invested by Taiwan Formosa Plastics Group in Dongying City, Shandong Province. The company was founded in 1994, with a total investment of 60 million US dollars, the factory covers an area of 245 acres, mainly producing and selling all kinds of plastic pipe fittings, products can be widely used in municipal, construction, industry, agriculture, environmental protection and many other fields. The company's annual output of PVC pipe 60000 tons (including PVC-U, PVC-M); PE pipe 30,000 tons (including PE water supply, gas pipe); PP-R pipe 10,000 tons; PE-RT pipe 5000 tons; Pipe fittings 10000 tons. Since the company was put into operation in 1996, the operating performance has grown steadily, and the annual sales volume has exceeded 60,000 tons.

With the advantages of excellent quality, complete specifications and quick delivery, the company's products are sold in domestic and foreign markets, and have been successfully used in many key projects such as Beijing Chang 'an Street greening project, Olympic Stadium project, Shandong Lubei Agricultural water transformation project, and Inner Mongolia Yellow River inflow project. In terms of export, our products are exported to South Africa, Tanzania, Congo, North Korea and other countries and regions. The company's products have been awarded by the Ministry of Construction as "key promotion products of scientific and technological achievements", "Recommended products of National well-off housing construction", and "key promotion products of engineering construction". And won the "China environmental label product certification", "water-saving product certification", "green building selection products", "famous brand products", "famous trademark", "high-tech enterprises" and many other honorary certificates and patents. In 2008, the company's laboratory was rated as "national laboratory", so that the company's technology and testing strength has risen to a new level. At present, the company has become one of the most complete professional chemical plants for plastic pipes and fittings in China.

Huaya Dongying Plastic Co., Ltd. has the following characteristics:

1, strict quality control:??

① When the company built the factory, the company introduced advanced Cincinati twin-screw extrusion line from Austria, full computer control, a molding, without adding any human factors, product quality is excellent and stable.

② Start with raw materials, choose high-quality and stable raw materials at domestic and abroad, and each batch of raw materials need to pass the testing of the production plant laboratory before entering the factory.

(3) Environmental protection formula, the company uses organotin formula to replace the traditional lead formula, to avoid the water pollution caused by heavy metal precipitation, fully in line with the national drinking water and distilled water health indicators, fully reflects the advantages of environmental protection building materials.

④ The quality inspection personnel strictly check each batch of pipes produced to prevent unqualified products from entering the market.

2, sound sales and service network:

Since the establishment of the factory, the company has developed a sales model of production and sales distribution system, that is   the company's sales are all completed by distributors, and there are more than 200 contract distributors in the country.Established a perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system in various places, and attaches great importance to distributors and end users of products, construction knowledge training and construction guidance for key projects, the implementation of the project tracking, relieve user concerns, won the trust of users.

3. Advanced management system:

The company follows the advanced management philosophy accumulated by Formosa Plastics Group in the past 60 years, constantly promotes production and sales 5S activities, and insists on the business philosophy of "breakthrough, innovation, thorough and complete", with clear division of labor and responsibility to people. At the same time, the company is one of the earliest enterprises in the domestic plastic pipe production factory to use paperless computer office, networking with the headquarters of Formosa Plastics, so that production, sales and other orderly, greatly improve the work efficiency, but also reflects the company's "Cherish resources, eliminate pollution and reduce waste" environmental protection concept.

4, reasonable product inventory:

The company can supply more than 600 specifications of pipe in 4 major categories and more than 1100 specifications of pipe fittings. The company has a large output and sufficient inventory of finished products, which can fully meet the needs of various engineering piping.

The company will adhere to the business philosophy of Formosa Plastics Group "Pursue the bottom line and stop at the highest good" and continue to contribute high-quality products and services to the society, and work hard for national construction and the well-being of the whole people.