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The hardware industry has become an important area for improving

       In the past two years, China's hardware market has developed steadily, and the hardware industry has become an important area for stimulating consumption and improving economic growth. At this stage, China's industries are mainly low-end products, and high-end products and key components have not yet been localized.

China's hardware market has broad prospects, and the hardware industry is developing rapidly. Both the number of products and the scale of production have been greatly improved and developed, and the sales volume and export volume are increasing day by day. However, China's huge consumer market continues to attract the attention of foreign hardware companies, and more and more hardware multinational companies appear in the Chinese market.

       China's hardware industry should not only play a fundamental role as a traditional industry, but also continuously promote the upgrading of industrial structure, improve the market competitiveness of high-end products, and realize the transformation from labor-intensive to technology-intensive industries and shorten the advanced level of the international hardware industry. gap.

       The products produced by the traditional industries are necessary for daily production and life, and the new industries are mostly developed by relying on traditional industries. China's industry has such a fundamental advantage. However, with the development of the times, traditional industries need to keep pace with the times, carry out industrial transformation and seek new development, there is no backward industry, only backward production methods. Hardware companies should enhance their sense of innovation, train and set up professional R&D teams, vigorously develop R&D technology for high-end products, realize localization of high-end products at an early date, optimize industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading, develop industrial clusters, enhance the competitive advantage of industry groups, and stabilize the domestic market. Actively explore foreign markets.

       Today, the development of the hardware industry is becoming more and more mature. How to make the industry have sustainable productivity and competitiveness is a problem that must be considered in the development of the industry and the survival of enterprises. In the fierce domestic and international market competition, the hardware industry should maintain its own advantages and continuously break through the development bottleneck, so as to grasp the market's right to speak and take the initiative to achieve sustainable development.

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