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he price of hardware products has rebounded slightly. The sales

       After observing the hardware market, it was found that the price of hardware products has picked up. See the following for details: 1. Total price index

       The total price index of “China·Chengdu Hardware Electromechanical Index” was 99.36 points, up by 0.37 percentage points from last week's 98.99 points, and rebounded. The major categories of price increases this week include the following major categories, hardware tools (the current price index of 101.08 points, up 0.14 percentage points from the previous period of 100.94 points), hardware parts category (the current price index of 99.81 points, compared with the previous period) 98.05 points, up 1.76 percentage points), construction hardware (the current price index of 99.19 points, up 0.16 percentage points from the previous period of 99.03 points), hardware materials category (current price index 95.98 points, up from 95.47 points in the previous period, up 0.51 percentage points), welding tools, welding machines and welding consumables (current price index 97.80 points, up 0.02 percentage points from the previous period of 97.78 points), security equipment and supplies (current price index 99.25 points, compared with the previous period 95.39 points, up 3.86 percentage points), mechanical and electrical equipment category (current price index 98.03 points, up 0.63 percentage points from the previous period of 97.40 points), mechanical equipment category (current price index 99.98 points, up from 98.98 points in the previous period, up 1 percentage point). Among the 12 major categories, the largest increase was for security equipment and supplies, with an increase of 3.86 percentage points, the largest drop for wire and cable, with a drop of 2.84 percentage points.

       Second, the analysis of the factors of increase

       Last week, the top three categories of price increase were the shock absorbers of hardware components, the fall protection of security equipment and supplies, and the safety filtering equipment of security equipment and supplies.

       The shock absorber category index was 110.32 points, up 15.68%, and rose sharply. In order to improve the competitiveness of the products, the rubber damping can be debugged in the near future. The spring shock absorber merchants adopt new technology and add new materials. Compared with the original products, both the performance and the quality are greatly improved. At present, the market has been put on the market, and the price increase is relatively Larger, it does not have much impact on the sales of the commonly used damper spring dampers and hanging spring dampers.

       The fall protection category index was 101.24 points, an increase of 9.57%, and the increase was obvious. Due to the seasonal warming factor, the number of outdoor travellers has increased, and the outdoor climbing rock climbing rope has a considerable sales potential. In addition, the weather is dry, the city dust is also large, and the high-altitude cleaning operations are increased. Various cleaning companies use high-altitude protection slings and safety fall-proof ropes. New purchases have increased. It is expected that the sales situation of fall protection products will gradually increase.

       The curtain wall materials category index was 97.62 points, an increase of 2.21%, and continued to rise slightly in the near future. According to the market merchants, the spring is the construction site, the construction of the enterprise factory and other construction peaks, the demand for curtain wall materials is large, especially the small and medium-sized stone dry hangings, embedded parts, etc., most of the sales areas are the surrounding cities of the local cities. The number of states is large, and the shipments from other provinces are mainly secondary or tertiary suburbs in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

       Third, the analysis of the decline factor

       The top two categories of the top three decliners last week were bathroom hardware for construction hardware, cable for wire and cable, and tubing for hardware.

The bathroom hardware category index was 98.58 points, a decrease of 3.37%, a slight decline. According to the market visit, market merchants reflected that with the increase in labor and raw material prices, the cost of products also increased. Under the continuous high-pressure real estate regulation, home decoration was also affected by the pool fish. Since the beginning of the year, the trading volume of the sanitary ware market has been weak. Merchants are advised to adopt strategies such as making full use of raw materials and reducing inventory to cope with the current market downturn.

       The cable category index was 100.34 points, a decrease of 5.37%, a large decline. At present, from the market point of view, the wire and cable industry continues to soar the price of copper, and it is felt that the development of traditional cables has entered a situation of bail-out. With the increase of power grid investment, the city's 10kV, 35kV or even 110kV and 220kV overhead lines have all been partially or partially changed to cable lines. It can be seen that there is still a large demand space in the cable market.

       The current index of pipe materials was 101.34 points, a decrease of 4.15%. After rising, it fell. The output of steel pipes in the market increased. Exceeding the increase in demand, the contradiction between supply and demand increased, and the price of steel pipe market was curbed. In 2012, there were more stocks of steel pipes, which were mainly based on digesting inventories and returning funds. In addition, rubber water pipes for agricultural irrigation have been selling well in the past few weeks. It is understood that many rubber tube manufacturers are stepping up production to meet market demand.

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